Altro Transformers is a leading designer and manufacturer of Transformers, Power Supplies, Reactors and DC Rectification Units. All products are manufactured to comply with Australian and International Electrical Safety Standards.

Single Phase Transformer

Single Phase Transformers are ideal for application with lighting, heating systems, appliances and some electric motors.


Insulation class ...F (155°C)
240VAC – 12VAC/ 24VAC/ 32VAC/ 110VAC  |  415VAC – 24VAC/ 110VAC/ 240VAC
Other Input Voltages: 110Vac – 1,000VAC
Other Output Voltages: 6V – 1,000VAC

Single Phase Control Transformer - T Series

24VAC Control Transformers are ideal for application as power control for lighting, electric appliances, mechanical equipment, signal lamps (with AC50-60Hz, input voltage to not exceed 1,000V & output not to exceed 600V). The transformers provide optimal protection through high permissible ambient temperatures of up to 40°C or 55°C.


Input Voltage: 240VAC ± 5%
Output Voltage: 24VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rating: 20VA – 1,000VA
Temperature Rise: 60°C

3 Phase Isolation Transformers

3 Phase Isolation Transformers are designed and manufactured in Australia for 50Hz/60Hz operation with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. The conservative design allows for low heat rise. A full range of IP22 enclosures are also available.

Optional Extras:

Custom mounting brackets | Custom Enclosures | Circuit breakers/ fuse protection
Metering on primary and secondary | Mains leads on enclosed units | Class H180˚C
Multiple tappings / windings | Earth screen | Output distribution boards


Three Phase: 100VAC – 1,000kVA
Input Voltages: 200VAC – 3,300VAC
Output Voltages: 100VAC – 3,300VAC

Switch Mode Power Supplies

Switch mode power supplies are ideal for application on computers, television receivers battery chargers.


Input Voltages: 85VAC – 264VAC  |  90VAC – 132VAC switchable 
180VAC – 264VAC switchable  | 340VAC – 550VAC, 3 Phase


3 Phase Auto Transformers

3 Phase Auto Transformers are manufactured with los loss iron core. The slotted mounting holes allow for fast installation. All 3 Phase Auto Transformers are impregnated with tropic proof, anti fungus varnish and can be made available with a full range of standard IP22 enclosures.


Input Voltage: 415V Input – 380V Output
Output Voltage: 200V  |  380V

Auto Start Transformers

Auto Start Transformers are made available as per our standard range or custom made. Auto Start Transformers are air cooled and impregnated with tropic proof and anti fungus varnish. Supplied with N/C thermostats.


Output Voltage: 415V Output
Taps: 50% | 65% | 80%

DC Power Supplies with Battery Backup

The DC Power Supplies with battery backup offers over 1,000 discharge/ recharge cycles. With electrolyte suspension system, it can operate in any position. The low pressure venting system keeps the unit cool with a high recovery capability. Offering 3 – 5 years float service and special voltages can be made to order.

Caravan Battery Chargers can also be made available.


Input Voltage: 240VAC
Output Voltage: 24VDC Regulated ± 2%
Caravan Charges: 240VAC – 12VDC


Caravan Battery Charger
Portable Transformers

Self contained portable units.


VA: 250 | 500 | 750 | 1,000 | 1,500 | 2,000 | 2,500


Un-Regulated DC Power Supplies


Open Type: 240VAC – 12VDC


Detuning Reactors

Detuning Reactors are ideal for power factor correction.


Detuning Reactor: 415V – 12.5kVAr | 25kVAr | 50kVAr


Various size enclosures can be custom made to house transformers.


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